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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening services offered in West Hollywood, CA

Professional teeth whitening can give you a fresh new smile you can be proud of. At Me Dental Spa, the cosmetic dentistry team, headed by caring dentist Denis Mustedanagic, DMD, offers both in-office and take-home teeth whitening kits using the most powerful whitening ingredients available today. To learn more, call the West Hollywood, California, office or book your consultation through the online booking feature now. 

Do drugstore teeth whitening systems work? 

While you might be tempted to buy a drugstore or over-the-counter teeth whitening system, that approach usually ends in disappointment. 

The main reason for this lack of results is that nonprescription systems use a lower concentration of teeth-whitening agents. So, you need to work with an experienced cosmetic dentist for significant results. 

What kinds of professional teeth whitening are available? 

Instead of struggling to get results with drugstore products, Me Dental Spa makes the teeth whitening process easy for you. The cosmetic dentistry specialists offer two types of teeth whitening for your convenience. 

In-office whitening 

In-office whitening is the quickest way to get your teeth as white as you like. The team protects your gums and lips with a rubber protection device or a special gel. Then, they apply a high-concentration bleaching gel to your teeth. 

Next, they activate the whitening particles in the gel using a special ultraviolet (UV) light. After 15 minutes of UV light exposure, the team removes the gel. They repeat the process two or three times until your teeth reach the desired whiteness level. You’ll leave the office with a visibly whiter smile within an hour.  

Take-home whitening trays

The Me Dental Spa team can also create custom-fitted teeth whitening trays. Because the trays distribute whitening gel perfectly over each tooth, they provide excellent results. However, they’re not as fast as the in-office option. 

You’ll wear the trays for a specific period of time each day as prescribed by your dentist (usually 30-60 minutes daily) to get results over a week or two.

The dental specialists at Me Dental Spa can explain both options to help you decide which is best. 

Am I a good candidate for professional teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening can be an excellent option if you’re unhappy with the shade of your teeth. This includes yellowing, general darkening, and stains from food, nicotine, or beverages like coffee. 

However, if you have intrinsic teeth stains (within the tooth) or if your teeth stains are very dark, teeth whitening might not be right for you. The team might recommend other options to improve your smile, such as dental veneers. 

Ready to get started whitening your teeth? Call Me Dental Spa or click the online scheduling feature to arrange your consultation now.