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Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergencies services offered in West Hollywood, CA

Dental emergencies can affect not only your mouth but your whole-person health. At Me Dental Spa, caring dentist Denis Mustedanagic, DMD, and the team of dental emergency specialists are here to help whenever you’re injured, in pain, or experience another type of urgent problem. Meeting your dental needs quickly and successfully is the team’s top goal, so call the West Hollywood, California, office or book your appointment using the online booking feature now.

What qualifies as a dental emergency?

Many different problems may qualify as dental emergencies. Some of the emergencies the Me Dental Spa treats most frequently include: 

Chipped teeth

If a chip isn’t treated, it can worsen into a crack. Cracks are far more serious and could lead to severe tooth damage, infection, and pain if untreated.

Broken tooth

Broken teeth could be an emergency in some cases. If you experience an accident or a tooth breaks suddenly, reach out to the Me Dental Spa team to ask about the next step.

Knocked-out teeth

A tooth that’s knocked out (avulsed) might be savable if you act fast. Coming in for emergency care immediately may allow for successful tooth reimplantation. 

Abscessed teeth

An abscess is an infection that can cause permanent damage to your mouth, jaw, or neck. In severe cases, abscesses can even be life-threatening. 

Persistent or radiating toothaches

When a toothache won’t go away, worsens, or causes shooting pain to your jaw, head, or neck, it could be an emergency. 

Face or mouth swelling

Face or mouth swelling may be a sign of infection. If you don’t respond quickly to swelling, that infection could lead to sepsis or death.  

Broken filling

Broken fillings typically aren’t dental emergencies, but they may be if you’re experiencing severe pain or the tooth is badly broken. 

Severe infections or damage 

Severe infections or tooth damage may require an emergency root canal. However, the procedure usually isn’t an emergency unless the infection is severe. 

What can I expect when I come to the office for dental emergencies?

The first step is evaluating the situation and planning treatment. For a knocked-out tooth, the team attempts reimplantation. If necessary, they can create a new dental prosthetic or dental implant. 

Chipped, cracked, and broken tooth treatment depends on the extent of the damage. In some cases, it’s treatable; in others, you may need extraction and tooth replacement. 

For an abscess, the team cleans the area and immediately starts you on a course of antibiotics. 

Do I need a follow-up appointment after a dental emergency?

The Me Dental Spa team wants to ensure you recover and maintain optimal oral health, so they often recommend a follow-up appointment. They may schedule follow-ups within a few days or a week, based on your needs.  

For dental emergencies, call Me Dental Spa or click the online scheduler now.